Day 36 | February 5th

      The last time we went out was for our anniversary at the beginning of September. We had a wine pick up from Obilisco and they offer outdoor seating with heaters, so we decided to leave the boys at home (with cameras on them, haha) and go wine tasting. So not only did we finally spend some time NOT home, we were able to do it without the boys.


      Day 37 | February 6th

      With Valentines Day around the corner, I pulled out the craft box to find some fun red crafts to stick with my color red this week. I set up this cute mailbox with hearts all around it, using a fun hole-punch to make the hearts. The boys saw what I was doing and started dumping hearts all over my scene, making a super fun shot. For once their obnoxiousness paid off, haha. Another off camera flash shot – I am getting better at getting them set up!


      Day 38 | February 7th

      I went hiking today and got this neat shot of a red stump within a forest. When I came home to edit it, I realized it was the only red shot with the wrong intensity of color. So I started scrambling around and realized that my mom knit this beautiful pillow that was the perfect red. I bribed (threatened) Carter to help me get this portrait, as I had not done a shot of him this week.


      Day 39 | February 8th

      This week I moved to the color blue. On my early morning run I saw a rare sunrise with this gorgeous blue sky to the west. The mountains were out and the whole scene was perfect for my color blue. I stopped and took the shot with my phone.


      Day 40 | February 9th

      It is challenging to think of how to incorporate colors into our every day life shots. Gavin has been making a lot of cut out hearts lately in preparation for Valentines day, so I asked him to sit on my blue bedspread and cut out a heart. That quickly morphed into him holding the heart, but then he decided to do double hearts with his hands too. I set up OCF to camera left to help light up the scene, even with the windows facing him.


      Day 41 | February 10th

      When I think of blue, I tend to think of this guys big blue eyes. I asked for a little cooperation for a portrait shot. Because I just took the other shot with him at the pillow, he was NOT happy to help me. I got five photos. The one on the right was the last shot I took. He was in the office with me as I was editing it and requested a few changes, so we collaborated on the photo to the left, hahaha!


      Day 42 | February 11th

      Our neighborhood is amazing. All our neighbors are wonderful and we have made the most of being locked down together. Our Chinese neighbor Haiyan asked if we would like to participate in learning how to make dumplings for Chinese New Year. So we all hopped on Zoom and got lessons in how to make dumplings and they were absolutely delicious! The boys had the best time helping to put them together, it is definitely something we want to do again.