Day 43 | February 12th

      Gavin has been trying to teach Mazy how to hold a treat on her nose, then flip it up and catch it in the air. Sometimes it works, most of the time she just grabs the treat and runs!

      Day 44 | February 13th

      I joined an “Instagram Loop” where a bunch of photographers post at the same time and then refer to each other in a full loop. I have never done one before, so it was a little disconcerting. And I had to post a self portrait. I had the hardest time coming up with something and I needed to incorporate the color blue. I ended up taking a bunch of photos where I was looking away from the camera, as well as at the camera and ended up with a composite image that combined the two.


      Day 45 | February 14th

      We got so much snow yesterday and today. Probably close to 14″ in total! It snowed so hard all day yesterday and today that I didn’t even try to bring my camera out in it. I needed my last “blue” photo for this week and as a Valentines present, Carter put on a blue shirt and posed out in the snow, while I shot from under the eves. I used my Lensbaby Sol45 for this shot, which is what made all the fun swirls around the edges.


      Day 46 | February 15th

      And now I am on to the color green! I didn’t realize how hard this color would be because I am surrounded by green trees all year. But when the weather is terrible outside and you have to find green things inside, I had to get creative. Originally I was looking for the green army men that the boys play with when I found a bag of green dominoes. The boys set up a few courses and then I caught them falling on camera for my first green.


      Day 47 | February 16th

      As the snow started melting, things outside got heavier. I was making my bed upstairs when I noticed this GIANT branch down on the other side of the arbor. From downstairs it was hard to see, but once you got up higher it was really noticeable. Since it finally wasn’t raining, I put on some boots to get a couple of photos of it. The small branch is my shot for the day, but I figured it also warranted a pull back of how giant this thing was.


      Day 48 | February 17th

      I watched a few videos of a professional photographer doing a Valentines day model shoot and got inspired by her work. She was using a gelled flash to fill in the shadows on the opposite side of her key light. I started messing around with the set up doing a self portrait, just to see what I could get. Ideally I wanted Gavin to make crazy eyes at me while I used lighting to help with the green. When I showed him my concept and how the light hit me, he wanted to become a zombie. So I put some black eyeshadow all the way around his eyes and got him set up. He found some ugly green teeth from Halloween to use and then Carter wanted in on the fun,. I had to change my lighting set up on the fly to now have my key light on Carter and then up lighting focused just on Gavin to split the scene. It turned out awesome and the kids had so much fun doing it!


      Day 49 | February 18th

      Remote school has been tough this year. It is hard to sit in the same spot all day long, without recess or moving between classes. We have had to get fidget spinners or small toys so the boys can keep their hands busy while they are still paying attention in class. As I was looking around the house, I realized the green side of the rubiks cube was a perfect photo for the day. It is definitely well loved – the stickers are already starting to peel off.