Day 50 | February 19th

      I have been trying to learning more about color this month – from how to edit, what the color wheel looks like and even the history of colors. I bought a book that was recommended in my art study that takes you through how certain colors evolved throughout history. Seemed like a good way to show green this week!


      Day 51 | February 20th

      Carter has been such an awesome helper in this color quest. Today he turned his green minecraft shirt around so that I could get a portrait of him. I wanted something more than him just sitting there, so we chatted and decided to do the ultimate tween/teen battle photo. I gave him my phone and told him to tell me, “Just a second!” and this is what we came up with!


      Day 52 | February 21st

      The bestest of besties. Kristen comes over – no questions asked – when I tell her I need a model for Kelly who is trying to film videos for an OCF class she is co-leading. Then Kristen patiently sits through all the filming, all the instructions, all the crazy in my freezing cold garage while Kelly and I get through everything. Then she waits even longer for my hands to warm up so I can get my green image for the day. I would not have survived this last year without her friendship and am so fortunate to have her in my life ❀⁠
      (Then she waited even longer while I tried to figure out the new Omni filter pack I just bought – which is the blur on the image πŸ˜…).


      Day 53 | February 22nd

      With the switch to yellow, I realized I needed to be creative with what I shot. Easter candy was available, so I picked up a package of Peeps. I messed around with how and where to put them, then finally landed on the piano bench so that I had a nice offset color and a reflection. It ended up looking like Peep Soldiers: Lined Up and Ready. I used the lensbaby Velvet to get the degree of blur too.

      This photo ended up getting featured within color and composition on Instagram! My first really big feature! :)


      Day 54 | February 23rd

      Since we switched weeks to yellow, Carter came downstairs dressed to help with a portrait. Our day was super busy, so he just sat patiently while I got a quick photo of him. I am struggling with how old this guy is getting. He is over half way through 6th grade and will turn 12 in a month. Where did my baby go??


      Day 55 | February 24th

      I really wanted to incorporate our yellow Adirondack chairs into our yellow week. I asked Gavin to play a spying garden leprechaun for me and got him peeping over the chairs.


      Day 56 | February 25th

      I think this photo is one that I love the most out of all the ones I have taken. I purchased a “snoot” to put on my flash – it is basically like a vacuum attachment you put on your flash to narrow the light, haha. After chatting with Kristen about possible yellow photos, she suggested doing something with lemon drops (or a drink). I ran with the idea, made some lemon drops and then staged the following photo. I love how the light is centralized and I will say I took liberties editing to keep tonal values similar (which I have been doing on all the photos). I love the whole look.

      So happy friday Lemon Drops πŸΈπŸ‹