Day 57 | February 26th

      In my second time participating in a self portrait loop, I decided to use the color yellow to show my favorite mug and my favorite shoes. Looking forward to the sunnier days of spring!⁠ Used my lensbaby velvet and an off camera flash to get this shot.


      Day 58 | February 27th

      I always crave fresh flowers in the house in the spring. I tend to jump between daffodils and tulips, this week its these gorgeous yellow daffodils. I played with my off camera flash a bit to get this set onto a black background.


      Day 59 | February 28th

      Yellow Sticky Note of Completion! And that’s a wrap for my color month!


      Day 60 | March 1st

      Day #1 of Off Camera Flash Challenge. Using a bare flash bounced against a reflector. I let the boys take lead on where to place the light and the reflector to see what they could do – they were pretty funny helpers.


      Day 61 | March 2nd

      Grandma & Grandpa are fully vaccinated! For the first time in over a year we had dinner together, INSIDE and without masks on ❤️ It was such a happy occasion for all of us and it feels like progress towards normal is finally being made.


      Day 62 | March 3rd

      After a break for almost four months, Gavs is back out playing soccer! We decided with my parents getting the vaccine, we will start resuming some of our activities. I pulled Gavin out of soccer in November, when COVID case rates were on the rise like crazy. Now we are seeing much lower numbers as more and more of the community either has a vaccine or has already had it. While we are still being very, very careful it was wonderful to be outside playing again!


      Day 63 | March 4th

      Simulated Sunlight using a gel’d flash. In the off camera flash challenge that I am participating in, day two was to do simulated sunshine.