November 19, 2015

      Todays photo is courtesy of Jeremy’s phone. The quality of the photo isn’t what is on display here … it is the content of the photo that is important. And I know he posted this on Facebook, but I wanted to have this where it will be archived!

      When Carter lost his first tooth, he wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking for $20. The tooth fairy wrote him back, letting him know inflation isn’t that high and there are a LOT of other kids that have lost teeth as well. So she gave him $5 for his first tooth, but assured him that he would not get that much again. It was only because this was his first tooth.

      Enter Gavin’s pulled tooth. The night before bed, both Carter and Gavin wrote the tooth fairy a note. Gavin’s was to tell her about his tooth, Carter’s was to ask for additional money for Gavin because the loss was pretty traumatic for him (having it pulled versus it falling out). The tooth fairy wrote Gavin back that he was extremely brave and did such a good job, and then gave him $10 for the tooth. And then made sure he knew it was a special circumstance that he got that much money and that it wouldn’t happen again.

      Then the wheels started turning in Carter’s head… he still had his note from the tooth fairy in the garbage in his room so he pulled it out, pulled out Gavin’s note and then started to compare the handwriting of both. Then he starts peppering Jeremy with questions as to why the writing wasn’t the same…






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