November 20, 2015

      I think I aged five years in a matter of an hour tonight.

      We attended the Seattle Prep Auction tonight with Chip and Sandy – enjoying a lovely dinner together and having fun in the silent auction (and getting outbid) and then moving on to the regular auction.

      Jeremy had me bid on two things – first up was a trip to Nicaragua for 10. My niece Taylor is heading there for a school trip, so we thought it would be fun to bid just to say we did. It started at $1k, went to $2k, then they got to me at $3k … and we had a bunch of “going once, anyone for $3200?” I am pretty sure that it was a good 30-45 seconds there that we thought we just dropped $3k on a trip we were not planning on taking! Thankfully the bidding continued.

      The second time this happened was on a 3D printer that Jeremy really wants to get for the kids (yes, I am saying the same thing you are … why in the WORLD would a four and six year old need a 3D printer?? I think it is really the 38 year old that wants it and is using them as an excuse…). Pretty much the exact same thing happened … I got the $3k bid and it stalled out. I was sweating bullets at this point and thank goodness someone else threw another bid up there. At this point, I put the bidding card on the table and announced I was done for the evening. If I am dropping $3k on anything, it better be camera related. ;-)

      So the photos below – we did get a demonstration of the 3D printer in the silent auction, so I took a couple of photos. It really is pretty cool, but the pricing needs to come down a lot more. We also got to see some of our Niece Chloe’s artwork on display!

      SeattlePrep-1024SeattlePrep-1016 SeattlePrep-1020 SeattlePrep-1023 SeattlePrep-1032-



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