Oh Gavin, how you have grown over the holidays! Having a big brother to try to keep up with has certainly fast-tracked you in a lot of areas. Let’s take a look at what you have been doing the last two months (post is a little early for January, but we have a LOT to catch up on!):

      • “Run-ning” and “Jum-ping” is what you yell to narrate your way through what you are doing. A few weeks ago you would not fall asleep and when we brought you downstairs, you ran and jumped, yelling out what you were doing the whole time.
      • Not only do you know all your ABC’s, can tell anyone what letter you see as they are pointed to, but you will also tell us what sound a letter makes (A says Aahh, B says Buuuh). Thank you Leap Frog for making some great products, because I certainly didn’t teach him that initially.
      • Binkie is now just for sleeping time or if you aren’t feeling well – we tend to lose it the rest of the day and are slowly trying to wean you from it. It is an ugly road that we are on now and we will take it slowly…
      • You love your stuffed animals, especially Lamby. When you are trying to fall asleep, you rub Lamby’s ears. And you always have to keep a blankie with you too – you remind me a bit of Linus with that one because it is always dragging behind you.
      • “I do it!”Here we go with the two’s… it is already starting.
      • You have a bit of an obsession with Pop Tarts. Thankfully they will not be replaced in our pantry once they are gone. Happy January kid, we are all getting healthier.
      • I love that you will do something funny and then laugh. You make a funny face, then start laughing about it. You do something silly, you start laughing. It is so funny!
      • You love to count and do it as often as you can. Thirteen and nineteen slip you up, but you love to get to Twenty. You are still working on the numbers after twenty, but you love to start over once you hit it.
      • Everything you do is with gusto – if someone asks you a question and you want to answer yes, you just don’t say yes, you pretty much cheer, “YAH!!!” and jump up and down happily.
      • And with gusto comes some costs … you will whisper if you are asked to whisper, and then in the middle of a whisper session, you will get excited and yell your answer. Like when Daddy is trying to take you downstairs quietly so you won’t wake Carter up and you make it to the top of the stairs whispering, then yell ‘DOWNSTAIRS’.
      • When someone asks you a question and you need to think about it, you always say, “Hmmmm…” and start tapping your finger to your nose until you answer, lolol.
      • Bath time and brushing your teeth make you happy. In fact we have to keep the bathroom locked because you will go in there and turn the bath tub faucet on, or climb on the toilet to turn the water in the sink on. One of your kitties got a bath last week because I forgot to lock the door.
      • You are a pain in the butt to change. You love to kick and struggle, basically do anything except sit still while someone changes your diaper. I foresee potty training earlier in your future, cause I can’t take much more of the wiggles.
      • I am constantly amazed at your vocabulary and what you string together. You have several 5-6 word phrases and I am going to attribute this to Carter. He likes to have you repeat after him, so you are talking like crazy and know what a lot of things are because you want to be like your brother.
      • And on the flip side of that, you have also taken to saying, “MOM.” all definitively to get my attention, then you start mumbling some sort of gibberish that we don’t understand.
      • You love to to play beach ball and kick the balls with Carter in the bonus room – you are especially cute when you back up four or five steps, kick into the air at nothing, then run forward and actually kick the ball.
      • Everyone in our house is scary with electronics and it was only a matter of time before you got sucked in. Every time you see me on the iPad, you say, “I play iPad! Netflix! Mick Mouse!” and then you proceed to navigate to whatever you want. I have actually learned some short cuts while watching you flip around and press buttons on that thing!
      • Just like your brother, you looooooove Chugga Chugga Choo Choo as a bedtime story.
      • You love your brother so much. When he is at pre-school, you ask where he is. If he is still sleeping after you get up, you want to know where he is. Even though he is TERRIBLE about sharing with you, if he wants something, you always hand it over with the sweetest, “Here you go.” I cannot tell you how much I love you for that.

      There are so many other things that I am missing in this list, but it is already out of control. Gavin has been so much fun these last few months, his personality really coming out and we are starting to see those glimpses of the strong will coming through. In the meantime, I am snuggling him up, but not in this photo – I have no idea why he decided to eat a cupcake this way, but at one point he was stretched out across the table, following the plate that kept moving from him…