Had an appointment with my doctor this morning and we are now at 37 weeks!  Baby should be around 6 1/3lbs and over 19 inches long and is considered full term, so lung development is complete.  Now we are pretty much at the fattening up stage … which makes me want to make jokes about drinking beer and Jeremy.  :-)  My belly is at 36cm, which is close to what it should be (typically you are 1cm for every week, so I guess I am a little smaller) and BPM was 144, so we actually caught the baby being mellow.

      Biggest news from this appointment is that I am now 1cm dilated (you need to get to 10cm for delivery) and 50% effaced (effacing is when your cervix thins out).  Things are progressing and I have to say I was surprised to hear this.  I figured maybe next week there will be some sort of progression, but not this week!  One thing to keep in mind though is that I could sit at 1cm dilated for weeks on end – it doesn’t necessarily mean I will go into labor right away.  The flip side of that is I could go in tomorrow … everyone is different and I have no idea what I will do!
      *Update that I forgot to mention – when the doctor was doing the exam, he pretty much could feel the top of the babys head.  Another reason why I think I may be early!

      The baby has been crazy active these days and it is now big enough to watch move around.  Part of our evening entertainment is watching a leg or foot shoot out of my side, move around, and then go back in.

      The Halbert/Butler/Weber shower was a lot of fun last weekend – it was so great to see everyone!  We enjoyed some great food, funny games and wonderful company.  The baby received a bunch of cute clothes, supplies, homemade blankets and toys.  We are definitely ready to go!  The Skorupa Shower is tomorrow, so I figure I will upload photos this weekend from both!