Christmas Eve marked Carters 21-month birthday. Here is a list of our favorite things:

      • Our favorite phrases from Carter, “See it!” “Found it!” “Mommy has it!” “No glasses!” and describing items by their color “The red one!”
      • Us trying not to laugh during time out – he understands that there is a timer and always tries to quietly say, “Beep. Beep.” to make it go off earlier. Oh, and today, he saw the timer and says, “Time out!” I let him know that he didn’t need a time out, so he goes, “HIT!” and starts hitting at me, “Uh, you want to hit Mommy so you will get a time out??” Carter: “Yes.” *sigh*
      • “Thank You Mommy” and “Thank You Daddy” is now said in the appropriate context. It started last night when I gave him giraffe, he turned and looked at me and said, “Thank you Mommy.”  This afternoon, it was “Thank you Daddy” when he got his Mac-n-Cheese for lunch.
      • “Woooooow…. Cooooooool.” This was a popular phrase while he opened his presents for Christmas.
      • He likes to follow his little Percy train everywhere – it goes all on it’s own, so he will set it on the floor and follow it. For a long time.
      • If something isn’t working, he will say either, “Turn on!” or “Batteries!” This was especially amusing when he got a small wooden plane in his stocking and he couldn’t figure out why it didn’t do anything.
      • Nap time and Night time are a constant battle. We aren’t sure if it is that he doesn’t want to miss anything, he hates his room, he doesn’t want to be alone, or what. We have started to leave him to cry it out, checking on him in 3-5-7-10 minute intervals and it is slowly working. Did I mention SLOWLY?
      • “XBOX! DANCE CENTRAL!” He knows how to voice activate the Kinect and tries to mimic the dancers on Dance Central – it is awesome!
      • Carter’s speech is getting better and better every day. He now says “Motor-cy-CLE” clearly (though there is always a pause and emphasis on the “CLE” at the end) and then to completely contradict this, when he tries to talk in sentences, he ends up with some jibberish through in – he knows what he wants to say, but just can’t quite string it all together yet. We’re getting there…

      There is a lot more than just this, but this is all we could think of this afternoon. Hope you enjoy!