November 27, 2015

      Black Friday Shopping. Ever since I was a teenager my mom and I would get up at the crack of dawn to go shopping on Black Friday. Not because we were necessarily wanting to buy anything, but because this is how we kicked off the Christmas season. The past couple of years have been sad though – so many stores are now open on Thanksgiving night, that people are exhausted by the time we arrive that morning (I refuse to shop on Thanksgiving¬†– everyone should be home with their families). This year we had a later start because stores didn’t open until later since they were open the night before. And most of our shopping trip didn’t produce any results … until about the last hour and a half. I found the cutest pair of plaid Vans for $20 and that opened the flood gates to some cute sweaters for me and the boys, as well as funny hats for our Jingle Bell Run later in the month. So today is about coffee and my black Friday loot.
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