December 9, 2015

      Thank goodness we pulled our tree in before that nasty storm hit! Not only would we likely have a tree knocked over, I am pretty sure it would have ripped our awning off (we had them out to shield the tree from the rain as much as possible).

      So tonight we FINALLY got the chance to decorate Large Marge. It was a process wrapping lights around that much girth, but thankfully Jeremy pulled it off. The boys had a great time putting ornaments up – outside of an occasional “Can you help me get it to stay here?” we didn’t help at all. This tree is purely kid and perfect. They had a great time, Gavin ended up losing his shirt half way through the process (uhhhh, not sure why?) and Jeremy put the tree skirt on for fun :-) Enjoy!

      <For the photo geeks out there – I took all these photos with ambient light using a super high ISO and as low a shutter speed as I could with kids. I reduced the noise in lightroom a bit, but they are still pretty grainy.>

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