Quick update for two important ones that I forgot:

      • He can spell his name – at first we thought it was a fluke, but now he consistently knows how to spell Carter
      • He jumps with both feet really, really well.


      This last month with Carter has been particularly … challenging. When I ask Grandma how the day went, I tend to hear, “He was really obstinate today” more often than not. While part of me is pleased that I have a strong-willed child who is confident and knows what he wants, the other part of me wonders who this bossy-temper-tantrum-throwing-devil-channeling beast is.

      With the challenging comes some pretty funny stuff too. Here is our list for the month, hope you enjoy it!

      • He has become a little manipulator. When Grandma won’t let him do something, he tells her, “Grandma, go upstairs!” to get her out of the way. Same thing for Grandpa, but it is usually, “Grandpa, go to office!” He also knows he can stall my leaving for work in the mornings with asking for a kiss, then a hug, then a kiss, then a hug…
      • He does the Kinect workouts with Grandpa, including running, high knees, bend and squats. And he tries so hard to do the dance central dances.
      • He is trying to sing songs now – he is a little late with singing the lyrics, but it is awesome that he is trying!
      • He likes to play chase when someone is chasing him. Great for getting rid of all his excess energy, but running after him 8-9 months pregnant = not a pretty sight.
      • We bought Carter a basketball hoop, but it is pretty tall and hard for him to try to make baskets with. One day Jeremy put it against our bed and it was the perfect height for Carter to start working on shooting hoops. In the past two weeks or so Carter has improved dramatically and is shooting baskets like a champ!
      • Jeremy got Carter to start laughing on command and the other day he was giving a cheesy smile for the camera.
      • The high chair is now making an exit – we have a little booster seat that we can put on a chair and slide up to the table. Now his preference is to take his meals, “like a big boy.”
      • “Tanks Mommy” (sounds just like that) Carter is really great about saying thank you unprompted, however we are really trying to work on him automatically asking with a “please” – then we remember he isn’t even two yet.
      • The other day he hurt his hand and instead of asking Grandma to kiss it better, he kissed his own hand and said, “All Better!”
      • His level of comprehension continues to astound us and his ability to verbalize more complex thoughts is crazy. Today he was telling Grandma as he was drawing a picture that the “Rocketship blasts off to purple moon!”

      Here is a photo that Grandpa took yesterday – my little boy is getting so big!




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