I have been terrible about keeping up where I am at in this pregnancy. This weekend I hit the 24 week mark; Little Brother is over a pound and almost a foot long. And this kid is active. Scarily more active than Carter was at this point. He was kicking the crap out of me all yesterday afternoon while I was sitting in meetings. And not just one side, BOTH sides of me. I am also starting to get uncomfortable when I sit too long – he doesn’t like to be crunched up and fights back if he is.

      The awesome news it that I only have 16 weeks left. SIXTEEN WEEKS. How the heck did that happen? And with the holidays fast approaching, time is going to fly by. I will take a photo this weekend and post it – we got our new computer and I have had NO time to play with it at all yet so this will push me to it.

      This weekend should be interesting – we are just on the verge of snow and it will totally depend on when the cold air from Canada seeps into our area. I am of course watching it like a hawk, but am not very hopeful that everything will align. In the meantime, next week we are supposed to get into the twenties at night, so I am SO glad the Sprinkler System guys are coming to winterize today. I do not want busted pipes on our brand new system.

      Poor Carter is sick – sneezes with double-barrel outcome. Thankfully that is the worst of it so far (and a little crankiness). Fingers crossed that it is short lived.



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