January 1, 2016

      A new year always has had a lot of meaning for me. I like clean starts. I like lists. I like thinking of the beginning of something and knowing what’s ahead is everything that you choose to make it.

      Normally now is the time where a 365 Project would be complete, but I started mine on my birthday so we still have four more months to go. Looking back, I am still so very glad I picked up this project again. The photos show so much of our lives and I will be eternally grateful to have the documentation when our boys are now my age.

      Because I am a list maker … what is ahead for 2016?

      • One film a month (minimum) for my Year of Creating Time Capsules Course that I am taking, which means I will learn my camera inside out for video. My first video for this course had been posted here. Because I am participating in a course and now have a community of people I am accountable to, I will stick it out through the whole year as opposed to two months last year (funny how that motivation works).
      • Participate in My Mindful Year as much as I can. This year last year in my thirties has been one of reflection for me – who am I now? who do I want to be? what are the things that bring me joy? what is toxic for me? what does balance look like? how do I slow myself down and be mindful of all the little things around me that make an impact? Focus on all these questions will continue and change will occur once I define the path that I want to take for my tomorrows.
      • In that same vein, you will be seeing a lot more of me on Instagram and a lot less of me on Facebook. I will publish on Facebook when I update my blog (as that is how so many of you know there is new content), but for me Facebook has become something more pernicious (and will be even more so with elections coming). It is time for a break.
      • A new photo project: 52 Self Portraits in 2016. I am turning forty in April … a milestone that frankly has me reeling. I have seen a few other photographers creatively tackle this project and I thought it would be a great way to kiss 39 goodbye and welcome 40 with open arms.

      Okay, enough of that … more than likely my parents are the only ones who will read all of it, but it is nice to have something written down that I can refer to as necessary. Plus my kids will have reference to how crazy their mother really was, haha.

      I started my January first with a gorgeous walk along the pipeline trail in the morning. It was insanely cold and unusually quiet – I only passed a small handful of people. The horses were grazing and the mountains so gorgeously clear with the moon just above them. Then I cracked up when I found a relic of celebration from the night before.

      2016Walk-091231 2016Walk-091926 2016Walk-100233



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