January 14, 2016

      Over Christmas break we taught Carter and Gavin how to play Nertz (a group solitaire game). It can be a pretty fast game and you have to understand the basics of solitaire. We thought to try it out, not sure if the kids would like it or not … and oh my gosh Carter is OBSESSED with it. He wakes up in the morning, he tries to get Gavin to play (Gavs does okay at it … he is almost five, so Carter still has to help him out a bit). He gets home from school and wants to play. Over the weekend and this last week, he has taught four other kids how to play so they can play together during play dates. It has been really fun to watch … until he is so wound up at night it is impossible to get him to calm down. We are still working on that one…

      I was making dinner today and the boys set up a game in the dining room, so I snuck in to get some photos. Gavin’s expressions are absolutely priceless throughout.

      BoysNertz BoysNertz-7179 BoysNertz-1 BoysNertz-2 BoysNertz-3



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