March 20, 2016

      Five years ago I woke up early in the morning with labor pains.

      Five years ago I assured the doctor that I really only pushed for 20 minutes with my first child and that when it is time, she needs to be there right away.

      Five years ago you entered our lives after only 14 minutes of pushing. You broke your clavicle on the way out and you had a really smooshed face. Little did I know then that yours would be a comical face that always entertains us with your crazy expressions.

      Five years ago seemed like yesterday and I cannot believe that you are five today. You have the most magnetic personality, you find joy in everything, you are easy going and so much fun. Did I mention funny? You got that nailed too kiddo.

      Five years ago my life was completed with the addition of YOU to our little family. I love you so much Gav-Man. Keep being crazy silly!

      Gavin-8649Gavins Birthday-1 Gavins Birthday-2 Gavins Birthday-3



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