March 21, 2016

      I am mid-family room re-do and missed taking photos this day. At this point I am trying to get all the trim and baseboards sanded, primed, painted, sanded and painted again. Oh, plus the sliding doors and a partial door to the laundry room. So I didn’t take a photo.

      Instead here is a throwback from 2009 – Three days before Carter was born. I don’t have any photos of me prior to heading to the hospital, I think we were too freaked out to think about it. So this is the last pic I have of me standing up before Carter arrived. A little humility in this post … my brother commented to me around that time that I was as big as a house (he wasn’t wrong). And yes, I decided to take the blower and clean up our backyard. It was a mess. My motto was always, “What, is it gonna send me into labor? GOOD.”

      Man I was huge.





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