March 24, 2016


      Wow. SEVEN.

      I remember seven. That was a big year when you are a kid. And here you are… SEVEN.

      Oh Carter … there are so many things I want to say. So many things that I want to tell you…

      You are an amazing little boy. You surprise me every day. You challenge me in ways I had no comprehension even existed (both good and bad, buddy). You often evoke stupefied silence from me, because I have no grasp of how you are you. You tend to test, push and retest on everything in your life. You question it all, you want to KNOW, even if you don’t agree. You are intense, one of the most intense people I know. You love with the utmost passion, you hurt with every fiber. Your sense of rules is absolute and need for justice and fairness will be argued fiercely. I never knew a six year old who could negotiate as well and as much as you and at seven, we are working on that. Your sense of humor has depth and your wit always rocks me to my core. I love our jokes and our silliness.

      You absolutely stun me.

      Every. Single. Day.

      And I can’t imagine my life without you.

      I love you, love bug. To the moon and back. To infinity plus one. Past every math problem your little head can dream up and more.

      Happy Birthday.

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