April 3, 2016

      We decided when we were getting a dog that we were going to create a “doggie potty” area that we can take her out in. Ideally this would preserve our yard for the most part so that she wouldn’t kill the grass and we had only one spot to clean up in. There was a natural little alcove next the house that was perfect for this, so I did a bunch of research on how to create this space and we set to work. We needed to dig down a good 4-5 inches¬†and then create a multilayered gravel area for drainage. All is good, except there was a tree stump right in the middle of the area. So we started digging … and digging … and digging. Eventually we got it up, but it was probably a good 3 foot diameter stump (you can see it filling the wheel barrow in the first picture). It was smooth sailing after that and the end product looks great!

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