And five weeks to go – how in the heck did that happen? Here is a profile photo that Grandpa took over the weekend with his new Sony NEX5 camera that he got for his birthday. Now we are debating on getting one (super small mirrorless camera that can use the canon lenses and has 1080p HD video capability).

      And here I am … I am getting to the point where I need to be rolled anywhere. Sadly I cannot see my feet and I tried to squeeze between two cars in a parking lot the other day and had to squat down a little for my belly to clear the rear view mirrors. Good times…


      Funny Carter items for this week:

      • You notice a smell, you ask Carter if he pooped and he answers, “No. Farting.” Ahhh boys.
      • The other day we asked if he wanted to watch a new movie, one that he has never seen. He responded with, “Ummmm. Maybe.” lololol
      • We collapsed our kitchen table so there is way more room for him to run. We chase him and he will spin around and hold up his hand to stop us and go, “WAIT A MINUTE” until he is ready to start running again. Then sometimes we have to tip toe.

      And here he is: