April 23, 2016

      After seven years and almost one month with kids, we finally made our first ER visit. The boys raised the swings up on the playset so they wouldn’t hit the puppy while they were swinging and were using a small wood step ladder to get on and off the swings. Somehow Gavin flipped off the swing, hit the ladder and proceeded to break his clavicle. After a looooong visit at the ER, where there were no beds and he was screaming in pain, the nurses opened up a separate wing so that they could get a doctor to see him and get him some pain medicine as soon as possible. They were amazing and got us in and out while so many people still waited.

      Gav-Man did so well considering the amount of pain he had to be in. I think I will chalk this one up to one of the top five worst nights of my life…