Another week gone and now we are in double digits. How time flies!


      • We had some serious rock-n-rollin’ happening one day. The boys found a toy guitar and the rest will be shared when Carter tries out for American Idol.
      • Gavin found a shoe brush that I picked up from some hotel or another when I was traveling for business. This made into a fine gun that was then used to shoot everyone and everything in sight.
      • T-Ball time! We signed Carter up for t-ball this year so we had to get him a glove that fits, a few practice t-balls, a tee to hit from and a few other things. I have a feeling he is totally going to be a daisy picker in the outfield.
      • St. Patrick’s Day is upon us soon and I haven’t made cookies in FOREVER. I busted out the royal icing recipe and pulled together some yummy cookies for my boys!
      • The weather is so up and down these day, as is typical for a Seattle spring. We are trying to get outside every possible chance we can and the teeter totter is an awesome place for two little boys to burn off energy.
      • I have Spring fever. Bad. I bought a bowl of hyacinths at Costco this week because I don’t have any in the yard. And now my kitchen smells yummy.
      • Today we got close to sixty degrees outside! Which meant we were playing out there from after lunch until dinner time. I love this photo because it shows how close they are in height, but behind a bench it still seems like they are still so far apart in size!