Some rainy weather, some cold but dry weather, the first birthday, a holiday, and some much needed beer. Pretty much sums up our week.


      • We were able to get outside. That means climbing trees. And of course the littlest guy had to try to keep up with his big brother.
      • I have seen three different types of woodpeckers on the suet feeder this week. Then as I was doing dishes, I spotted this guy on our Japanese Maple right outside the kitchen window. I think it is safe to say I was not expecting that.
      • We found a new park! While this photo doesn’t show how absolutely awesome this park was, it is a really cool look down through tires at my funny big kid.
      • These two crazies. I asked them to pose for a Starburst (I am SOOO not above bribing). This is what I got.
      • St. Patricks day was this week! I was trying to show our green cups, plates, and a few things Carter made at school when Gavin invaded my photo. I like it better with him in it.
      • After probably two years without, we finally got a new keg with No Equal Blonde on tap. I am not a big beer drinker and this stuff is yummy.
      • And finally the first birthday boy of the month. We have a LOT of birthdays around here and we celebrated Jeremy’s with a yummy steak dinner, surrounded by old friends. Perfect.