Birthdays, birthdays, and more birthdays this week!


      • These two boys. They fight like cats and dogs. They love each other. Always fierce in their emotion, which ever they may be feeling.
      • The first birthday boy of this week. Gavin turned three. THREE. I still cannot believe it. I also cannot believe that those beautiful eye lashes are wasted on a boy.
      • “Mommy, will you come downstairs with me?” While they are growing fast, they still are so little.
      • The big party. BIG party. We decided to celebrate eight March birthdays this year. All at once. One heck of a party that was a lot of fun! Including kids burning energy on the trampoline.
      • Day after the big party – we had our nieces Taylor and Nikki stay the night and extended the party into the next day. The boys love their cousins and had so much fun playing with them. Nikki and Gavin tried out Gavin’s new Plasma Car (which is AWESOME).
      • The second birthday boy had a gorgeous day to celebrate turning five. It was in the high 60s, sunny, and the best kind of scooter weather! And five. My baby is a kid now. A full-fledged K.I.D.
      • Part of getting ready for the big birthday party was pulling together video and still slideshows to have on in the background. I watched one of Carter at three where he was zooming around the kitchen on his tricycle and I realized that Gavin has not used it yet. So I pulled the tricycle out of the garage and in two days the kid was off and pedaling like no ones business, happy as could be!

      Yay! Consider me subscribed! :)