In a routine, some sunny days, and some silliness.


      • Gavin was clowning around on my bed and I was able to get this sweet moment in between the silliness.
      • I almost posted a throw-back Thursday photo for the day I missed, but I realized I needed to stay true to the project. Funnily enough, I was editing photos a ton on this day!
      • Carter got the Lego Death Star to put together for his birthday (we gave him the option of having a party or getting the death star, of course he wanted the death star) – when I got home late from soccer, he set up all the mini figures to do miscellaneous things on what he had built so far, but the funniest by far was Luke attached to a side wall, holding on to a dangling Han Solo with some evil dude above watching.
      • We have had a few nice days sprinkled in there this week and have gone outside to enjoy it. Then I saw the boys were plucking the daffodil flowers out of the garden (with no stem). I caught this quick photo before they heard how I was not a happy mama.
      • Gavin got a Woody hat for his birthday and when I asked for his photo, this is what I got.
      • We had a nice day for a bike ride (more photos on that coming soon) and Jeremy had to set Carter up. Because who wouldn’t need a GoPro attached to their bike?? (I am sure a video will be out soon on this too)
      • And finally, playing in the bath tub – we were outside all afternoon and the boys were digging in the dirt while I tried to get all our flower beds weeded out. Bath time was definitely necessary!


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