Bedtime, exercise and a roadtrip for this week!


      • Carter happily reads his Star Wars Lego Mini Figure Encyclopedia every night before bed. There are all sorts of guys that he has never heard of and loves nothing more than thumbing through the pages to learn all about them.
      • Gavin got a sit-n-spin for his birthday and I snapped this shot as he was comin’ around yelling happily.
      • Jeremy and I took a nice break from the kids friday through monday to stay at a B&B in Oregon. Our first night we snuggled up by a fire to watch a movie. And there was no one yelling for food, water, or attention – I forgot what that was like!
      • We had to go to Goonies Rock (officially known as Haystack Rock) at Cannon Beach. The weather was crappy, my big camera was getting wet, so we didn’t last long out there. Plus the beach was crowded, so I am amazed I got this shot with no one in it.
      • Since the weather was pretty much rainy, dreary, misty, and foggy the whole weekend, we only really ventured out for dinner. We sat at the chef’s bar at a new little restaurant called Blackbird. It was farm to table food and we thoroughly enjoyed it and found a new bottle of white wine that we love (It’s a french white called Vouvray)
      • On the drive home we stopped to check out a few beaches. While it was sunny and gorgeous at home, the coast was still shrouded in fog. I caught this photo of a man walking along the beach and I just like the red jacked surrounded by all the muted colors.
      • And back to the grind … we got home late and then the next morning had swim lessons for the boys. Carter has progressed a ton in the last month – no floats and can pretty much swim the length of the pool on his own!




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