Inspiration was hard pressed this week – even though I traveled with my camera. I think this was the first rough week for me on this project.


      • The endless fields on the way to Pullman to visit my niece Melissa – the lighting here was awesome and it reminded me a bit of the Bliss screen for Windows (minus the window reflection).
      • It was Spring Break week and we headed to the zoo with our friends from Carters preschool. This is the penguin exhibit where there are rock “holes” for you to view the penguins through … I just loved how even the light was!
      • We got to see Jerry Seinfield live for Mom’s Weekend at Pullman (thanks again Kim!!) and the show was great. He was super funny and I got to sneak my big camera in for this shot. Our seats were amazing (we couldn’t have been more than 30-40 feet from the stage on the first set of bleachers).
      • The ride home from Pullman gave us a gorgeous display of the Cascade Mountain Range prior to crossing over at Snoqualmie Pass. This is one of the reasons I love living in the Northwest. We have Mountains.
      • Took another walk along the pipeline trail and while it is hard to tell, this is the coolest chicken coop that we pass. There are probably a half dozen chickens in there, clucking around and Gavin and I always say good morning when we walk by.
      • Ah the flowers I am growing. My greenhouse is slowly getting loaded with them – these are the cosmos that have sprouted with the sunshine and warmth of the last week or two. Hoping our yard has so much color that you can’t see straight this year!
      • We have seen some unseasonably warm weather this week, which means we have taken to have wine and dinner out at our fire pit. It is the perfect place to relax when there is just a tiny bite in the air – that fire pit warms you right up and the sound of the waterfall next to you relaxes you like you wouldn’t believe!


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