Easter! Baby Birds! Baking! Crazy Faces! It was an insane week – we had fun and it was a lotta work!


      • Oh the many faces I see throughout the day … this one perfectly sums up how Carter often feels about things and I about lost it laughing when I saw this!
      • I got my pinterest fix this week with several items for Easter. I made sugar cookies and then flooded them with frosting to decorate them like eggs and carrots. We had dinner with some friends the day I did the decorating so I pulled together customized cookies with the initial of each kid. If it wasn’t so much work, I would totally start a bakery!
      • Oh this little monkey … he hates bedtime. He needs bedtime. He tried to negotiate. It drives me to have a glass of wine. *sigh*
      • We had a tiny nest of Junkos in a planter on our front side walk. I moved the planter to the front porch, hoping they would be more protected and out of the way from any predators – I caught this photo on the day they were born. So tiny, so sweet. Two days later they were gone and it was so so sad.
      • Jeremy and Carter had a “Dad’s Night” at school, leaving me with a screaming Gavin because he really needed to go too. I gave him some ice cream and then bribed him that if he got his jammies on, he could watch Frozen on mom and dads bed before he had to go to sleep. This happened not ten minutes after the start of the movie.
      • Easter Eggs! ‘Nuff said.
      • And the last creative endeavor of the week. This was the second version of the bunny cake (first version used Williams Sonoma recommended stuff and I was rushed, so it totally looked like a preschool art project gone wrong!!). But this version was just impressive. And an awesome husband/wife team effort. Again, if it didn’t take so stinkin’ much time, I would totally start a bakery!


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