Posting a bit late this week due to summer-like weather. Week seventeen was all about sports, birthdays, and Spring!


      • The big boys have a Madden football league on the xbox that is all consuming. That’s all the ever think about, talk  about, and do. So of course when Todd came over for dinner, he had to play one of his league games while we put the boys to bed. This photo cracks me up because you can finally see the wheels turning for Todd as he attempts concentration (I am gonna get it for that comment … let’s see if he actually reads this)
      • My wonderful husband was out looking to see how our lawn was shaping up when I snapped this shot of him.
      • T-BALL! Carter played catcher and looked like such a big kid in all his gear.
      • It’s that time of year again – this is a fraction of the flowers that I have for our yard. Planting will begin in the next two to three weeks!
      • The “before” photo of our arbor – we bought some wood cleaner and I have been going to town trying to revive this thing.
      • Ah yes, the lovely DMV on my birthday. I really wanted to give the guy some tips on how to take a flattering photo – especially since you can’t even see my neck in my new photo.
      • We got to see Chase play – I love how he is controlling the ball in this photo.


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