Snuggles, silliness, and Mothers Day this week!


      • Daddy got some pretty awesome morning snuggles this week – I tried to sneak up and take this before Gavin turned shy and ran away.
      • My mom for Mothers Day – each year I am reminded more and more how lucky I am that she is my mom. And that I aspire to be a mom like her.
      • Carter and I for Mothers Day tea at his preschool. He was so sweet and so cute!
      • The great toothpaste incident. It is finally funny … though I am still finding random toothpaste all over everything, including the xbox controller.
      • This face. Oh this face. This face is what keeps me going after things like the great toothpaste incident.
      • My iris’s are in bloom now and looking so very lovely!
      • It’s been eight weeks and my hair is the longest I think I have ever had it – here is a shot after getting it colored (since when did all that grey appear?!?)


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