Lots happening around the Halbert Household this week. I am still messing with collage templates to see what one I like best. Chime in if there is one you particularly like.

      We kicked this week off with a delayed Christmas Program – Carter’s last day of preschool got snowed out, so they had to postpone their Christmas concert.

      Bath time bubbles for the boys!

      As I was doing laundry one day, I glanced over to where the boys were playing and we were getting some much needed sunlight filtering through the window – a wonderful change to our dark and rainy day. I dropped the basket and ran for my camera to try to get the golden hue while it lasted, which was sadly only a few minutes.

      While big brothers off at preschool, it sure is fun to play with his legos! And for mama it is nice to let Gavin play without Carter storming over snatching them up or dictating what to do.

      A rare afternoon nap means snuggling under the blanket when you wake up. Then staying up until eleven that night. *sigh*

      Reflections on a ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island for cousin Charley’s birthday party.

      And finally a self portrait on Seahawks playoff game day wearing the shirt Carter picked out for me for Christmas – I set up my camera on a tripod, put the timer on, and then tried to get the shot. Going to aim for at least one of these a month since I have hardly any photos with me in it.