Another nice week meant that photography was the furthest thing from my mind. May and June are all about getting our yard cleaned up and planted and I have been a slave. But here is what I did remember to take!


      • Chase in his play off game against Ingraham – I posted this photo before, but this is one of my favorites. Sadly they lost their next qualifier and are not heading to state.
      • The first peony in bloom! I have probably a dozen peony plants in my yard and this was the first one to open. It smells lovely and I am excited to have them bloom over the next few weeks so that my kitchen smells delicious.
      • I think this is Emperor Palpatine … regardless, I have to check out what is going on in the Death Star every so often. Apparently he is ruling over it and Princess Leia is stuck in another part. Love that the boys play so imaginatively with the legos.
      • Who wouldn’t want to be dropped off at Preschool in a RV? Jeremy had a bachelor party over the weekend and they rented an RV to drive to a golf course in Idaho. I was on my own with the little boys and all I heard about was that RV – they LOVED it. So on Monday before we returned it, we took Carter to preschool in it.
      • Here are four of the six smaller siblings from Carter’s T-ball team. All four of them decided to sit on the hillside together making for this cute pic of them. They were so sweet playing together!
      • Carter at his field trip to the beach. It was windy and a bit cold, but that didn’t stop him from exploring.
      • Annnnd here is how I have been spending my evenings – a little wine, a little light reading.


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