Lots of random goodness this week in the Halbert Household!

      • We have a chickadee nest in the birdhouse Papa built and this Mama has been a crazy hunter for her chicks. I am pretty sure she has a spider in her beak given all the legs I saw when I was zoomed way in.
      • Oh this face. This is the face of a three year old. Not a happy-go-lucky two year old who loved the world. But a three year old who would totally flip me off if he knew how because things just weren’t fair in his mind. Oh how only a few months makes a world of difference (and boy am I ready to be outta this stage!).
      • Excited? Of course he is. Nervous? Yeah, that too. My dad right before he rode off into the sunset on his Alaskan adventure with my brother Scott. Good luck to them both!
      • This is the face of pure bliss! Boat? Check. Lake? Check. Awesome friends? Check, check, and double check some more! Happiness at it’s finest.
      • I didn’t take a photo one day. Not to worry, Gavin found my point and shoot camera and took this out the window of my bedroom before I found him, yelled a lot, and then chuckled at what a good job a three year old could do with a point and shoot!
      • The walk to graduation … My nephew Chase graduated from Seattle Preparatory High School this week. A HUGE accomplishment, one I am so proud of. He is a wonderful young man and I can’t wait to see what Gonzaga brings to him this fall when he heads to college. This is one of my favorite shots of the night – we were walking from dinner to Benaroya Hall where the ceremony took place. He had his cap and gown, he strode with purpose through downtown Seattle, and he will stride with purpose for the rest of his life.
      • The yard. I love it. I hate the Spring maintenance. It took me three weeks to clean, prep, and stain our two arbors. Here is the shot of the path to one of them. I will post a before/after shot of the larger one later this week so everyone can see the difference (which is HUGE). But here is another view of our lovely yard.


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