This was the week of photos coming from my phone. We have been busy. So busy, There was the last day of preschool, getting the yard planted, walking six miles a day, fun with friends and photography hasn’t been top of mind…


      • So sweet when they are sleeping … what is hard to see is the drool coming from the corner of his mouth – like mother, like son!
      • Last day of preschool!! My how big he has grown and I can’t believe he will be a kindergartner in a couple of months.
      • Well who wouldn’t have a chicken trying to join them for dinner? This is one of Jeana and Ken’s last survivors of the coyote and she was trying to come inside for dinner.
      • Jackson turned five and we headed to a bouncy-house place. The kids were climbing the windows and walls (literally) while we waited to go in. Once the safety video started to play, it was surreal as they all calmed down. Especially Gavin, who had to take a break to lay down on the floor.
      • Lemon Drops and Flip Flops! Jeana invited me to tag along to a party for moms that she purchased at an auction for the grade school Jackson and Levi will attend. We went in thinking we wouldn’t know anyone, then I ran into some folks from an old soccer crew. Made for such a fun night! The house was amazing – right on Cottage Lake.
      • And of course, I did miss a day this week. Too much going on, totally forgot to take that photo.
      • Oh dirt. How I love you. This has to be at least my fourth trip  to Costco to get five or six bags of it. It kinda hurts when I think of how much money I have spent on … dirt.


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