End of preschool, summer begins, a photo shoot, and more and more and more yard work!



      • I know I posted this on Facebook already, but this is my favorite photo. LOVE THEM. (Jackson, Caden, & Carter)
      • New inflatable for Jeana and Ken’s boat! I can see where we will be all summer long!! So much fun! Carter and Jackson had an absolute blast. I even went on it with Gavin and the bigger boys – Gavin loved it too!
      • Grandma. Mom. Thank you for this week and every other week that you help me. I am so close to having my garden planted with your help. I can see my raspberry bushes again. And my kids finally got a bath (haha). You are the best!
      • This is Shannon – I did a photo shoot of her this weekend. She is lovely and I absolutely LOVE this shot of her!
      • Last picnic of preschool! Jackson, Carter, and Levi hamming it up in the sun!
      • Gavin loves Caspar Babypants … especially Messy Face and Butterfly Drivin A Truck. He was singing and spinning for this photo.
      • While this may not look like much to you, this looks like several hours of pressure washing and shop vac’ing slime from our pond. These are clean rocks! So clean! Clean enough to discover we have a leak in our pond somewhere! And our pond/stream/waterfall are big! That sure is going to be fun to troubleshoot! (says the woman who takes a shot of hard alcohol after that sentence … to be continued)





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