Oh so late getting this out this week. I was on a deadline for a project, so this had to wait. But here is our week! Full of sports, friends, milestones, and fun!


      • This is Lion. Carter goes to sleep with Lion every night – it is his one constant stuffed animal that he has had since he was a baby. His tail has fallen off, his tag is worn to shreds (Carter would rub it between his fingers to fall asleep), and his fur is matted from being washed so. many. times. But we will keep Lion forever. Even if he takes up an entire storage bin cause he is so big.
      • A quick play date with Jackson and Levi turned into dinner that turned into roasting marshmallows that turned into an entire evening of fun, laughter, and a lot of wine!
      • Our sixth grade graduate! We watched Nikki’s graduation ceremony at the school Carter will be attending next year. It was fun to watch the boys mesmerized by the older kids speeches, performances, and slide show. And it was scary to think about Carter being in an elementary school next year!!
      • WORLD CUP! The boys have been watching a lot of soccer with me, which then leads to playing with the soccer ball outside.
      • Practicing a good swing for baseball is important and we have been pitching to the boys in the evenings. This shot cracks me up because Carter’s expression is pure determination.
      • Last game of the T-Ball Season! Of course we must have donuts for that!
      • A little birdie being fed popcorn on movie night. Gavin is so funny – he would just wait there like that for Jeremy to hand off a popcorn kernel in his mouth.


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