Wow, I am really behind in posting my 365 Project. I have been taking the photos, just haven’t been able to do more than upload them on my computer because I have been so busy.  A bunch of these were with my phone because that is all I had on me at the time.


      • The Skylander figures are great entertainment – Gavin lines them up, then makes them go through pretend battles. I have to say I like this much better than him doing it through the video game!
      • We finally took the time to go get haircuts – Carter opted to spike his up, where Gavin (just behind Carter) went with the standard.
      • Carter wanted to start reading Harry Potter – this is the first book without pictures that he has been interesting in. So every night I snuggle with him in bed and read to him for about twenty minutes. Best twenty minutes of my day!
      • And this would be why I am so behind. This is 17 yards of compost/manure mix to help replenish all the soil in my garden. So not only do I have to haul this into our backyard and carefully shovel it around everything I have planted, I have to have each area completely weeded out before doing it. And this is taking forever…
      • Sometimes you are tired and just need to curl up on a chair outside with your blanket. I found Gavin on one of our patio chairs like this – he was so cute and so little to be able to curl up into a ball on the seat of the chair. Before I know it he won’t fit.
      • Happy birthday to Uncle Ian! We had a wonderful double-date night at Wild Ginger to celebrate Ian’s birthday.
      • We bought a case of my favorite cheap summer wine. Costco stopped carrying it so we haven’t had it in a long time. And I missed it!