Yeah, so, I am only about three weeks behind with posting these… but better late than never! Here are my photos from Week 27 – which is July 2nd through 8th. We headed over to Cle Elum in my parents motorhome for the fourth of July weekend and stayed with Ken & Jeana and a bunch of other friends at their cabin. Such a fun weekend for everyone!


      • I stole Patrick’s hat so that Jeana and I could do a selfie with the big camera one afternoon.
      • This is Patrick. Every time I look at this photo I crack up because this catches the devilish part of Patrick that is so much fun!
      • We brought a blow up pool for the hot weather and the boys LOVED it. Did I mention there were seven kids at the cabin and they were all boys? Oh yeah – no girls allowed (unless you are a mom).
      • And here is my sweet boy – Sometimes he just makes my heart melt.
      • I have learned that life is just easier when we can travel with electronics. The boys are in the motorhome, happily playing Angry Birds/Minion Rush/whatever game, while we drove for a couple of hours.
      • Gavin’s extreme joy over getting a popsicle. His crazy faces make me laugh.
      • And of course, I missed a day this week. Sometimes life happens and I am not going to worry about it.