Catching up … so slowly. Lots to talk about between July 9-15th. Week28_365

      • We had my niece and nephew for the night this week. Because my brother tried his hand a doing a table top jump on his dirt bike. Needless to say, he overshot it and either a tree or his bike (or both) left him with six broken ribs, a punctured lung, a lacerated liver, and a separated shoulder. He is recovering slowly and doing okay – the only plus to this was spending unplanned time with Ryan and Nikki. Here all four kids piled into the cacoon swing.
      • Nikki-Nu at breakfast time – she is such a doll!!
      • We had Uncle Todd over for dinner this week and Gavin had to get his hugs in before heading off to bed.
      • This is either Peter or Mopsy … we have two (I actually think 3-4, but we only see two at a time), bunnies living in our yard that Carter named. Go ahead and eat that weed in our grass Peter – as long as you stay away from everything else…
      • And yes, I am on a roll for missing a day each week. Too much going on and I realize it as I fall asleep. Oh well…
      • Beautiful sunset for beer after the hottest indoor soccer game ever (it was 90 that day), and also the day before the Super Moon that you see rising above the fence. Crappy phone photo, but you get the gist!
      • Hot weather means boat!! Gavin and Carter taking a turn on the ‘tube on Lake Washington!