I am caught up! I am caught up! The rainy weather this week has meant that I have been able to get my house cleaned, catch up on email/FB/photos, and get my life a little more organized. But just a little, haha. Here is this last week:


      • “Mom! You should take our picture!” So I grabbed my camera in a hurry, knowing I would only get a 25 second window to get a nice shot of the two of them together. These two boys love each other so fiercely that it can make a mama ache. They are such a wonderful team.
      • Gavin needed some extra Daddy snuggles one morning, so Jeremy grabbed a book and they had a lovely little read together.
      • Gavin had an impromptu play date with Levi while Carter and Jackson were at camp. These two little boys are so much fun together – they ran laps around the yard, pretending and laughing and having the best time.
      • Uh yeah. 20 more yards of compost/manure mix. But this time we hired help and it was gone in a day! And I didn’t have to deal with it!
      • Our neighbor “Mr. Chris” got married over the weekend. His wedding took place within some lovely gardens in Snohomish. Their first dance was in an area raised above the crowd with wildflowers surrounding them, so I snapped this fun shot of them from my phone.
      • And the Fever strikes again. Carter had a nasty fever friday night, I got one on Saturday, and poor Gavin got his on Monday. I have never been so wiped out in my life, it was not a fun virus and I am glad that everyone is on the mend.
      • The first round of cut flowers from my garden! Tons of dahlia’s in various colors and my nummy smelling lilies. Every time I walk into the kitchen, I just inhale the perfume from the lilies and it feels like summer!