Week three … the week that flew by and I almost missed a few days. In the first two weeks I had a few shots in mind for what I wanted to do given our week. This week I just tried to keep my head above water.

      Finishing dinner time at the table with a new Jake & the Neverland Pirates started. Yes, we are those parents who will occasionally throw a show on if it means a peaceful meal time.

      Now that we have the GoPro and Premiere Pro, Daddy has been working on getting all our old videos converted, set to songs, and posted so that we can have small clips that document our lives. And Daddy had a really good helper for his project.

      The boys came with me to soccer this week so they could play with Domenic and Cole. We went out to dinner afterwards and as the evening wore on & their boredom grew, we busted out the electronics. Cole is playing some game with Carter and Gavin watching over his shoulder.

      Super Bowl Bound! Growing up in Seattle means we have seen more than enough teams that either had losing records or couldn’t pull through in the clutch situation (I still don’t understand how the Mariners could win 116 games and not make the World Series). It is nice to see a team of low draft picks work incredibly hard and come together so completely. What is even more amazing is how this city has banded together – there are 12th Man flags flying everywhere and a show of support like I have never seen. At night the city is literally lit up in blue and green – lights all over cranes, on buildings, and people always decked out in their Seahawks gear. We are VERY excited for the Super Bowl, but this also means that for the first time my best friend and I will be at complete odds because she is from Colorado. GO HAWKS!

      We had some friends over for dinner and I was on my feet all day cooking, cleaning, and entertaining. After a wonderful evening, getting the boys to sleep, then saying our goodbyes, it was time to put my feet up.

      Gavin figured out how to get on the xBox, sign into our Amazon Prime account and navigate to Blues Clues. After a tough swim lesson, a little down time is what he needed.

      There were playing cards everywhere and they had to pick them up. Or I would turn Star Wars off. So they watched the movie while they picked them up – it’s a win for everyone.



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