Wow. Week 30! This year is flying by and this last week was full of fun.


      • Sometimes you just gotta be goofy while you drink your milk!
      • The dahlia’s are really starting to open up in my garden – this is a vibrant red one that I love.
      • Dinner on the boat with Jeana and all the boys!
      • Carter went to Slimy Science Camp with Caden and Jackson this last week and learned about bugs, our environment here in the northwest, and all sorts of cool stuff.
      • Levi used Gavin’s face as his canvas … and his paint was Jeana’s red lip stick.
      • Soccer tournament woes – my good knee is now my bad knee and I am icing all day long anymore.
      • Flapper Style! Keegan’s bachelorette party had a 20s theme, so I found a roaring 20s dress, pearls, and headband! Such a fun night.