Birthdays, Superheroes, Planning, Preparing & More!


      • Being able to read means reading comics! This was my favorite thing to do as a kid and Carter is loving it as well.
      • Pool time! Gavin in the pool at Oliver’s birthday party. He had so much fun floating around and sliding down the big slide.
      • Carter is growing up so fast – he made his own nutella sandwich for lunch this week.
      • I have had the paint for two years, but I have not had the motivation. Having guests stay with us at the end of the month was the push I needed though – Gavin’s room is now painted and awaiting the furniture delivery!
      • We had a lovely dinner with Ian and Keegan to plan out their rehearsal dinner that will be in our back yard. Where do we put the food? Tables? Bar? So much fun stuff!!
      • Part of painting and getting Gavin’s room ready meant that I asked him how he wanted to decorate it. He wanted everything Robin themed (as in Batman & Robin). No one does side-kick themes. He got a super cool Robin t-shirt and Robin PJs out of it instead.
      • We headed to Gig Harbor for Papa’s birthday this week and I saw these beauties in Nana’s garden. This year has been AMAZING for the flowers!

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      Great pictures. I especially like the facial expressions. I need to get a cape like Gavin's.