A bunch of firsts, hanging in our oasis, and lots of fun with friends this week!


      • Both boys are extremely interested in time. With Gavin it is, “How about we do this in twenty hundred thousand and four twenty?” With Carter, he actually is getting it and we have a toy clock that he uses to find specific times. One morning he was totally into it.
      • While everyone takes for granted the coordination of how to eat with a spoon, I just noticed that Gavin went from disaster to totally rocking it! No idea how long he has been doing this, but I was so impressed that his cereal made it into his mouth versus all over the counter!
      • We had a bunch of friends over for dinner and Jeana and I created the most beautiful cheese plate that needed to be shown – my new cheese markers were the highlight! (And thanks Ian & Keegan – these are AWESOME!)
      • Now that the yard is more or less complete, we get to enjoy our weekend mornings outside on our deck. Jeremy just finished staining the deck, the yard was happily blooming, and we realized next year we need to aim for early July to have everything done instead of mid-August.
      • Carter and Jeremy made a cake from scratch over the weekend – there was enough batter left over to do two small individual cakes for each of the boys.
      • JUMPING JACKS! Part of burning off energy throughout our week includes me trying to get the boys to do crazy things. One day we tried jumping jacks and had to coach Gavin through how to do it. He is slowly getting better while we try not to laugh…
      • Evenings by the fire drinking a glass of wine. This is what summer is all about!