We are now over half way through August. It feels like summer should just be starting and it is almost over. We had another fun and busy week!


      • We had some friends over for dinner one evening and I thought it would be fun to get a photo of the kiddos. I tried to find a nice one with all of them smiling, looking sweet. I went with reality instead.
      • This little boy has had too many late nights and then early mornings. He tuckered out one afternoon and I just let him sleep, knowing he probably would be up late again but at least he would be in a better mood. Plus I just wanted to gaze with envy at his eye lashes.
      • Two and a half weeks until school starts and I had a panic attack because I was sure there were things Carter needed for Kindergarten that I hadn’t looked into. Sure enough, there were. I wrote the list out and Carter had to read it and find everything at the store all by himself. It was so funny to watch he and Gavin run around looking for stuff. Only words he had trouble with were antibacterial (the I and ial were tough) and tissue (ue on the one). He’s a smart little cookie.
      • We hosted a wine party where everyone brought one bottle of wine over $40 and one bottle of every day drinking wine to try. We all were curious if there really was a difference in taste to make spending more $$ worth it.
      • School around the corner means we are busting out our work books and such to cram before classes begin.
      • I was cleaning when I heard Gavin quietly playing with the lego mini figures by himself. It was so sweet and adorable listening to him!!
      • We finally got our garage cleaned out! While we were cleaning it out, the boys would ride their scooters and tricycle up and down the sidewalk to our front door. Carter was in heaven and keeps asking to go back out there every afternoon. The slight decline to the driveway allows him to pick up speed and he loves it.