We are winding down summer, gearing up for a huge party, and trying to get ready for school to start this week!


      • We finally got Gavin’s new big kid bedroom set! Carter really wanted to sleep with Gavin, so we let him read bed time stories – they were so cute. And they didn’t last in the same room together – I had to separate them because they wouldn’t calm down.
      • Jeana, Jackson, and Levi came over for dinner & the boys had the best time playing together!
      • We got to meet Carter’s Kindergarten teacher and see his classroom this week. This is really happening … I am not sure I am ready!!
      • The Seattle skyline from the Bainbridge ferry on our way back from celebrating Uncle Chips birthday
      • These two have parked themselves at the ledge by the fireplace all week either playing with action figures or coloring. It’s looking like this is their new spot.
      • A beautiful birthday girl! Nikki turned twelve and has some amazing starburst backlight behind her!
      • Mama’s night out – Denise and I finally got a chance to meet for dinner and catch up on life. Awesome evening that we both needed.