This was a big week for us. As in HUGE. All summer long we have been working like crazy leading up to this week, then add in some big milestones on top of it, and I would have to say this is our biggest week of the year.


      • We hosted Ian & Keegan’s wedding rehearsal dinner and here they are rehearsing. We have been working on the yard and house all summer long, leading up to this event and despite some rain in the morning, we had a beautiful evening. The garden looked spectacular, the company was so enjoyable, and you could feel the buzz of energy and excitement for the big day.
      • Another huge milestone for us: Carter started Kindergarten. I only lost it a little bit after he went into his classroom. He looked pretty overwhelmed by all the larger kids running around. But the first day was a huge success – he LOVED it!
      • This would be an AWESOME black eye that was received while playing foosball. Apparently the end of the foosball rod caught him in the face … I am just glad it missed his eye.
      • We got to see Carter’s classroom before the first day of school and this is his spot at the table, across from Mikie. SO. CUTE.
      • Jeremy and I clean up nicely when we have to. We took two photos on the wedding day – or rather Teresa helped us out and took two photos of us.
      • Baby Steven (and his parents) stayed with us for the long weekend. They are from a desert part of California that doesn’t get a ton of rain, so when we had a down pour, Steven took off running out on the deck to play in it.
      • We have some amazing landscape lighting in our yard and one evening leading up to the party, I shot this through an arbor, looking onto the Japanese maple.

      A lot going on for you this week. As if you weren't busy enough with hosting rehearsal dinner, First day of school, etc, you also hosted Scott's birthday party. i like the lighting in the garden night photos and the I-wish-I-were-a-kid-again photo of the little guy running on the deck in the rain.