This week was all about trying to find a routine.


      • With Carter off to school and preschool not yet starting, Gavin and I are doing some work in his workbooks to prepare. He does an awesome job holding pencils and can trace letters really well.
      • We are clearly sticklers for safety when we encouraged one kid to hop onto the back of the tricycle where it clearly says, “No Standing.” Good thing Gavin chose to sit while Levi pedaled him around.
      • I had three bananas that were on the edge and I knew my kids wouldn’t eat them. So what does one do in that situation? Make banana bread! I had a good helper smashing up the bananas and it turned out wonderfully.
      • And I caught a cold. This would be the day that I spent in front of my computer troubleshooting things, then not feeling well.
      • Happy Anniversary to us! It’s been seven years and we celebrated with dinner at the Salish Lodge above Snoqualmie Falls. Lucky for Jeremy, my voice was completely gone that day and he didn’t have to hear me yammering on like normal.
      • Swim lessons started back up! Not the greatest of photos, but it was all my phone could do and I didn’t have time to mess with the settings. The boys had fun jumping in the pool.
      • Carter’s first day of soccer!! I am coaching his team and their first time out was hysterically funny and I had such a great time.

      An anniversary to celebrate 365 days of life's moments. Happy anniversary.


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