Late post this week – Jeremy was on a business trip and I didn’t have a lot of extra time.


      • Someone sure loved his Seahawks blue donut!
      • Fall is slowly making an appearance – our big pumpkin is starting to turn orange in the garden.
      • There was a really big day for Gavin this last week – his first day of preschool! Lucky for me, he could care less if I stayed or left him. Actually, I think he preferred that I left. And oh the silence in the house once both boys were gone … I forgot what that sounded like!
      • We have a gorgeous Whispering Aspen that is always the last to get leaves in the Spring and the first to lose leaves in the fall. Our side yard is covered with them!
      • Play date with Denise, March, and the boys at the Snohomish Aquatic Center.
      • Darth Vader’s lesser known job: Guarding the salt in the pantry. At least I assumed that was his job because that is where I found him.
      • Jeremy’s on a business trip and after the boys went to sleep, I finally had time to watch who won So You Think You Can Dance.


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