I was single-parenting at the beginning of this week while Jeremy traveled for work. Gotta be honest – it was one of the more challenging weeks I have had. The boys are still trying to adjust to all the changes that September brought (school, soccer, swimming, new schedules) and I think they went into overload. That meant that I was dealing with behavior issues all by myself without a break. Let’s just say it was a LONG week. Thankfully there were little bits of good sprinkled throughout to get me through it!


      • After fighting and fighting and fighting to get the boys to go to sleep one night, I finally tucked myself in and then was startled awake by a thud and some screaming at about one in the morning. I ran into Gavin’s room and his nose was bleeding. After trying to get him cleaned up and calmed down, every time he rolled over and it barely touched the pillow, he would start screaming again. Here is where I contemplate waking Carter up and heading to the hospital … his nose and lip were slightly swollen, but I couldn’t tell if it was broken. Instead of heading out, he slept next to me that night and I didn’t sleep at all. Then we woke up to this beauty the next day.
      • Thankfully that didn’t stop his antics. This picture … it just … oh my gosh I laugh every time I see it. This right here sums up Gavin. A little crazy, really funny, especially silly, and a nut. Oh, and these are the pumpkins picked from our pumpkin patch (more photos of that in a later post).
      • It was nice out. The boys were restless and I noticed all the leaves down from the whispering aspen. Time to rake and jump!
      • My arch-nemesis this time of year. I was supposed to use it to fill a vase for a candle. Instead I filled my belly.
      • Our weekly dinner with Teresa and Todd! They gave me some much needed adult conversation when Jeremy was out of town.
      • Jumping in at swimming!
      • Seriously. The faces this kid makes! He was trying to use a head lamp while watching Paw Patrol. He thought it would be a good idea to have it covering his eyes, but then he couldn’t see. So he kept peeking out at me like this.

      We need to be better at writing down what he says … it will come in handy when he is a teenager, haha!

      Gavin's face makes the funniest expressions, and his mind comes up with the weirdest questions. Good job of capturing his unique personality.


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